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About the VirtualHighstreet.uk

The VirtualHighstreet.uk is a partnership development initiated as a response to support local business during the challenge of COVID 19 restrictions and enable residents to continue to shop with confidence with their local shops and retailers.

The development of the VirtualHighstreet.uk is an initiative that connects the changes in consumer need and behaviour before and since the COVID emergency, with the opportunity to enable the diversification of some small businesses to start or extend their trading online.

The VirtualHighstreet.uk is all about supporting local shopping and local consumer loyalty and keeping our town centres vibrant.

Yes, the VirtualHighstreet.uk offers the ease of the online browse and purchase but it also attracts you to so much more on our High Streets, when you have more time. The VirtualHighstreet will help you find your way around the town and all of its attractions.

Starting in Sudbury, over the next 18 months we will extend the Virtual Highstreet from Sudbury across to Eye, Hadleigh, Needham Market and Stowmarket.

You can stay in touch here on all our offers and activity

The Virtual Highstreet.uk is supported by:

Working Together
Sudbury Vision
Sudbury Town Council